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District Fire Companies

Windom Volunteer Fire Company

Windom Volunteer Fire Company, at Abbott Rd and Olympic Avenue in Orchard Park, stands on a site that once held an old school house.  The current building is additions to that building. 

 The fire company, formed in 1928, used to hold meetings in the school house, while the apparatus was parked in a garage across the street.  The fire company bought the land in 1936 for $50.00, and the first of many additions was built the following year as a Federal Public Works Administration project.  A second bay was added in 1953 to the one-bay cement block fire hall.  Use of the two bays that were on the front was discontinued when the three new bays were added on the Olympic Avenue side in 1968.  Another two bays were added in 1977 and new brick work was completed in 1999. 

 The fire company, which started with 20 members, today has 47 active members.  It answered 71 calls between 1928 and 1935, compared with 748 in 2007. 

 The fire company provides fire and EMS services to 2500 families as well as providing protection to the 74,000 spectators that arrive for the Buffalo Bills football games.   

The fire company meets on the first Monday of each month.

Windom 2017 Firematic Officers
Jason Knavel
1st Assistant Chief Aaron Jarka
2nd Assistant Chief Nicholas Lobur
Fire Captain Scott Courteau
Rescue Captain Amy Jarka
Lieutenant #1 Michael Carey
Lieutenant #2 Brian McCarthy
Lieutenant #7 Jacob Leckel
Lieutenant #8 Chester Covers
Fire Police Lieutenant Dan Metz
Safety Officer Frank Bermel
Records Officer Howard Hoffman, Jr.
Accountability Officer Victoria Knavel

Corporate Officers
Robert Baun
Vice President Dave Roessler
Recording Secretary Marylyn Weichmann
Corresponding Secretary Thomas Held
Treasurer Donna Breirtwieser
Sergeant of Arms Jacob Leckel
Parade Marshall Marylyn Weichmann
Trustees Paul Held
Trustees Fred Tedesco
Trustees Karl Held




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