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Hillcrest Fire Company

Organized February 18th 1955 the 59 year history of the Hillcrest Fire Company has seen its fair amount of changes, challenges, and incidents. From the cramped humble beginnings of the "Old Hall" to the current four bay digs, the one thing the Hillcrest Family has never been short on is its unique sense of family and friendship. The character of this organization can be traced to those early days when money was short but dedication and sense of duty paid the bills From the first fire fought in a hand me down pumper courtesy of the Orchard Park Fire Department to a 2004 American La France fully enclosed cab, the solid roots of our past keep us growing healthy today. It is very possible our Charter Members never heard about let alone ventured onto the information highway, but it is for their efforts that current and future members of the Hillcrest family dedicate this website.
Hillcrest 2017 Firematic Officers
Daniel Neaverth Jr
1st Assistant Jon Torre
2nd Assistant Jon Gill
Fire Captain 9-3

Chris Chaffee

Fire Captian 9-4 Ron Hendershot
Rescue Captain 7-1 John Mcevoy
Lieutenant #1 Peter Slotman
Lieutenant #2 Karl Blombeck
Lieutenant #7 Jay Meyer
Rescue Lieutnant Tim Bendstead
Fire Police Lieutenant Larry Brand Sr.

Corporate Officers
Ernie Matthews
Vice President Peter Slotman
Treasurer Karl Blombeck
Recording Secretary Bob Davis
Corresponding Scretary Cheslsea Neavereth
Sergeant of Arms George Slocum
Trustee Larry Brand, Roland Pigeon, Jarred Pitcher




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